Because Increased Regulation LOWERS cost….

I saw this ad on Flickr. Hilarious photo aside, when the state and federal government intrude into healthcare, haven’t costs just gotten higher? I don’t believe that Obama or the feds are getting involved in auto insurance (isn’t that pretty much just a state matter?), but this ad didn’t sell me.

More regulation means higher costs, which is why I laughed when I saw this ad. And, as anyone who lives in D.C. will tell you (I live in Virginia), driver’s insurance is not cheap here. Also, D.C. is not a state, it is a district, let’s keep it that way.

UPDATE: Later, I see the bearded man again! This time on DRUDGE, because the President is “asking moms to go to school.” Like he typifies a mom. Maybe this poor marketing firm just can’t afford any good stock photos…

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