Baseball game recap


My pictures are here.

The Republicans lost, 15-10. It was a close game until Rep. Barton made the disastrous decision to put retiring Rep. Putnam on the mound. His first pitch hit the backstop.

From Roll Call:

With the game tied at 6, Republican manager Rep. Joe Barton (Texas) replaced Shimkus on the mound with Rep. Adam Putnam (Fla.) in the bottom of the third.

That’s when all hell broke loose for the Republicans.

The Sunshine State lawmaker proceeded to give up five walks, two base hits, a wild pitch, nine runs and, ultimately, the Democrats’ first win in nearly a decade. Graves ended the inning with a dazzling catch in center field after Shimkus had returned to the mound to relieve his reliever.

Yeah, well the Democrats had to win at least one game in 9 years, I guess. Fun was had by all.

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