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Members only

I’ ve decided that I’ll broach some local issues and continue to share my thoughts and observations on things. As such, my blog will now feature a members only page so that the content I post will only be shared with trusted friends and acquaintances.

Make sure you click here and register so you can see all of the content. I won’t be spamming you or providing your email address to anyone,  so don’t worry.

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Of course you do.

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It’s not TV, it’s BHO.

Arlington: the rap

I’ve decided that funny videos still have a place on the blog.

Nation’s Girlfriends Have Economic Plan: Let’s move in together

The Onion’s videos are getting better and better.

Weekend in Hagerstown

This weekend, Betsy, Sara, Clark, Mark Swift, and I attended the Lake County Captains game in Hagerstown. Sadly, the Captains lost, but a fun time was had by all.

Below is a picture I took of the Captains bullpen in center field.


The man who shot “the shot heard round the world”

The Wall Street Journal did a great bit today on Rudy Mancuso, who shot the most famous picture in baseball history. Enjoy.


The Shot Heard Round the World — Rudy Mancuso

Welcome to my photo blog

Friends, I’ve decided to turn this into a blog showing pictures I’ve recently taken in the Capitol area.

Below is a shot I took on a paper shop in Old Town, click on it for the flickr link.