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CafeHayek: Obama’s obsession with exports

Synthesis: The Complexity of Hayek

Reason: The 12 Biggest Customer Service Failures of the Year

Kotecki: 5 Signs the Tea Party Crashed Your Oscar Party

Obama 2012 re-election plan: Sing more

Uncommon knowledge: Thomas Sowell

Heidi Sheirholz is an aggregate demand Keynesian apologist!

The fact that we are not aggressively pursuing fiscal policy to generate demand is a choice we are making. We are choosing to forgo spurring a fast recovery and instead allow the unemployment rate to remain greatly elevated, needlessly condemning individuals and families to job loss and unemployment for years to come.

I guess we choose to forgo that when we passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act…Right?

Bloomberg: Best legal movie quotes of all time

My buddy Andrew Ivers takes good photos at 2am

ODT: Where does the Laffer curve bend?

WSJ: An Unconventional Pairing: Wine and ‘Sliders’ at the Castle

Neither has David Hogan, an Ohio historian whose book on White Castle describes it as a “socioeconomic ‘common ground’ where truck drivers eat alongside physicians who eat next to the homeless.” (So true)

Maddox: Oops! You’re racist

Econstories merchandise

McArdle: Peter Gleick Confesses to Obtaining Heartland Documents Under False Pretenses


I have spurred a comment bonanza at GGW

DC Mugshots! Woo hoo! (See if you can guess their alleged crime before looking at the caption)

WSJ: Obama Proposes Tax Revamp (I’ll post my thoughts later)

Santorum: “Satan has his sights on the United States of America!”

Preppers of the world: Get your JIC Kit

Saint Louis’s North County seems to produce a lot of Playmates

BGR: Microsoft tries to do to Google what Apple did to it [h/t Rokeach]

FamousDC Political Academy Awards

Free Chili tomorrow!!!

Come Celebrate National Chili Day | Thursday Feb. 23rd (Tomorrow) Get a FREE Bowl of Chili (with any purchase) at Hard Times Cafe

CleveScene: Dennis! Marcy! Graham! Fireworks in 9th Congressional District Race!

YESSSSSSSSS: Lewis Black on Whitney Houston

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