And it was all yellow… I might be going back to PC.

So, I recently logged onto my computer to see this weird, one pixel yellow line on my computer. What is this thing? Why? I have a 2007 iMac, and this is really random.

I can’t take a screenshot of it, but could use my camera, I guess, but I googled it and the results are not good.

I guess Apple didn’t realize that making the computer part of the monitor might be a really huge design flaw — just like the iPad and iPhone, with no removable battery.

Maybe I should have thought about this when I got this damn thing. If Apple doesn’t fix this, for free (which I doubt) — I will be going back to PCs when this gets out of control and I can no longer see my screen.

Let’s see what their reception is to this. I am not paying $700 for this. That’s like 75% of what I paid for the thing in the first place. Apparently, this is a major defect for iMacs in my generation.

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