Hello, I’m Jim Swift and this is my blog. Welcome.

What is “bomble” you ask? It’s a term I mistakenly invented my sophomore year in college. I made it my website home base so to speak.

I live in Alexandria, Va. and am originally from Shaker Heights, Ohio. I’m a Saint Ignatius Wildcat and a Saint Louis University Billiken. I’m also a proud member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, ALVA Aerie #871.

I work at The Weekly Standard as an assistant editor. Previously, I was a researcher at CQ Roll Call, and before that, an economic policy staffer for five years for members of both the House and Senate.  In 2004, I was a field staffer for President Bush’s re-election campaign.

The disclaimer:

My views posted on this blog, twitter, G+, Facebook and Tumblr are my own and don’t represent those of employers past, present, or future.

My interests are golf, beer league softball, football, baseball, photography, economics, and politics.

I’m a Cleveland sports fan, which is to say I am a masochist. Particularly, I love the Browns (it’s futile, I know), but outside of Cleveland sports I also cheer for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Redskins & Nationals.  I love my Billikens, and because I’m an Ohioan, I am also a Buckeye fan.

Some of my pictures have been featured in The Washington Examiner, FamousDC.com, DCist, Wonkette and Washingtonian Magazine.

My writing has appeared in the Weekly Standard, the Washington Post, the Alexandria Times, the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Breitbart.com (Big Government), and Red Alert Politics. 


“The “Save Humphrey’s” campaign proved that Jim Swift is no ordinary community organizer.” – Jimmy Ryan

“It’s very jarring to unexpectedly encounter your name in a pop economics book.” – Andrew Heaton

“There are two things in life I do not trust. Google and Jim Swift.” – Andrew Wilder

“You should really consider a career as an NFL wide receiver. Your self-promotion is really some grade-A stuff” – Nick Hantel

A “pernicious influence” — Salon

“It’s like Maureen Dowd & Larry King had a baby pundit” – Kevin Allman


“I dont know who you are, but this is the most craptastic piece of shit ever. Please, take it down, perhaps contemplate suicide, it seems like it would do humanity a favor. anyway, there’s help out there, seek it out. I LOVE UNITED STATES OF FREEDOM. YEEE HAWWWW.”- Charles Bush (SLU Graduate ’05 — Now a corporate lawyer in Kansas City.)

“I do not understand how you can look in the mirror every morning …. Apparently you didn’t take college seriously…” — Anonymous hatemail

“You fucking nitwit.” — Deadspin.com

“Washington Post should fire you.” – Jack Mwa

“Jim Swift is kind of an [sic] jerk. However, you still end up enjoying his company.” — Person who deleted my Wikipedia page I regrettably created in college.

“Swift is typical of the old-school Cleveland elite who’ve become East-coast wannabes ” — troll-tosser on Cleveland.com


Heritage Foundation Congressional Fellow,  2008

Partnership for a Secure America Congressional Fellow, 2010

Hill Staffers to Watch in 2010, Foreign Policy’s The Cable Blog, 2010

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