A Peek Inside the Obama Propaganda Machine

Have you wished President Obama a happy birthday yet? Me neither. I tried to, anyways, until they subtly hinted my message wouldn’t get to him unless they got their grubby hands on my cash.

I like the man, but am about as likely to vote for him as I would Marion Barry. Scratch that, Marion would have my vote any day over President Obama (in the unlikely event of a Obama v. Barry match up.)

While perusing YouTube, the President’s ad team suggested, via a paid advertisement, that I send him birthday greetings. Not wanting to be mean spirited, I thought “OK, I’ll do this, if only to cost them money on the ad and maybe server space/newsletter costs for spamming my unattended email address and PO Box.”

You, too, can cost President Obama’s re-election campaign money by clicking on its ads. I know it might sound unappealing at first, but maybe rig your OS up to a cash register noise whenever you go to BarackObama.com — that might help.

When I clicked on the ad, I noticed it took me to a very long URL, presumably for tracking purposes. The URL was:


What a jarbled mess! However, the term “lgbt” and “u35” stuck out. And if they didn’t stick out for you, too, the “banner_issue-marriage-equality_0712” might have, that or “polls on same sex marriage match type.”

Maybe the “consg” means “conservative” or something. I don’t know, but if their targeting is worth its salt, they missed the mark about me being interested in their views on LGBT and same sex marriage. They did get that I was u35, or “under 35.”

I refreshed and saw that President Obama’s team thinks the “Affordable Care Act” helps middle class folks like me. They used the tag “acaconvert” like I am a conservative who converted over my misgivings and common sense. As if.

This was interesting to me, having taken out a few social media campaign ads meant to target specific demographics. It just seemed strange Google somehow thinks it’s OK to tell users they’re being targeted because they’re under 35 and maybe, hopefully, supportive of the President’s recent Joe Biden-induced-epiphany on gay marriage from a few months ago.

Another ad looked that called for tax increases read:


This one thinks I am a “no donate convert” since their computers determined I am not a donor. Clever. (If you click on too many and don’t donate, odds are you’ll see less ads.)


If you see an ad for Barack Obama’s re-election on google or YouTube, make sure to right click on it.

Note: You should see if you can copy the link address by right clicking on it. If you can select “copy link address” — click the ad and send the URL along.

When you do click on the URL, take a close look at the URL you’re taken to and feel free to share it with me via this email account: OFAMarketing@bomble.com. I’d be interested in the URLs you are seeing.

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