A lesson in facebook privacy

My friend Ben recently shared a post linking to a hilarious facebook status.

I thought this was hilarious, so I called him and we decided to set up a similar post on my facebook wall. Friend and high school classmate of mine, Mike Obrock, recognized what I was up to and joined in the fun, just putting a bunch of stars to play along.

Now, a few of you fell for it, realized it, and deleted your posts. I deleted the emails I got with your facebook posting. Probably a good idea to change your password, too.

But that’s the lesson in how easily you can reveal information about your account to outsiders who can send everyone invites to get a free iPad. I just got an email today from a coupon webpage, apparently originated with my email, the password of which is really difficult and unlikely it was hacked. I realized that somebody probably just inputted my email, and it could be a scheme to get me to input my password into a site I’ve never been to. That is a way to “phish” too, so be careful.

Sharing is caring, and knowledge is power.

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