960 LinkedIn Connections Down the Drain

Meet Kelly Blazek. Well, you’ll have a hard time doing that these days because her internet presence has gone from “nearly 1,000 personally-known LinkedIn contacts” to none.

The Cleveland Scene reports:

If you’re not one of Kelly Blazek’s 960+ LinkedIn connections or have not been granted approval to subscribe to her bi-monthly, hand-selected Cleveland Job Bank House emails, perhaps you, dear job seeker, know her from a scathing email she sent you after you reached out in hopes of connecting with the self-described job listings “mother” of northeast Ohio.

Turns out, you may not be the only one who’s been subjected to Blazek’s— uh— professional advice.

Last week, an email response Blazek, a 2013 IABC Communicator of the Year, sent to a job seeker made its way to BuzzFeed Community Forum, another to Imgur, and today, Scene received a third fiery email interaction between Blazek and a native Cleveland jobseeker…

You should read the whole story because this meltdown is basically a case study in how not to act professionally in any setting.

Today, her blog is zeroed out, twitter account in suspension/deleted, and not available on precious, precious LinkedIn — or facebook for old people. The best line, I think, is this one:

“Please learn that a LinkedIn connection is the equivalent of a personal recommendation”

A friend responds via twitter: “A Linkedin connection is the equivalent of absolutely nothing.” And he’s correct.

Turns out one of my friends had a run in with her five years ago, and she apparently was acting similarly but was only recently called out now.

Either way, good job today, internet. Good job.


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