7/11 & Capitalism


Tonight, I took a brief break from studying to make a trip to the local 7/11 on Huntington Avenue. As regular followers of this blog (at least since 2007) will recall, I have a love/hate relationship with 7/11.

Let’s just say that I didn’t feel all too safe walking to the 7/11 near Braddock Road metro in the middle of night to get beer. Then again, it’s not as if I was entertaining. My old digs on Buchanan hardly could  host one additional person to watch television, much less have a dinner party. Things have changed, I know have a lot more space in my place with room mate/sister Betsy.

Some things don’t change, and there’s a 7/11 within walking distance.  To clarify, I love 7/11, and I hate some aspects of shopping there, namely my fellow customers. I’ve seen some depressing folks walk through those magical never-locked doors. I get why they call it 7/11, as those used to be the hours they were open, but I don’t ever think I’ve seen one that’s closed for the night.

Anyways, I digress. But, to my amazement, I spent $39 today at my local 7/11. How did I achieve this feat, you ask? They had a copy of one of the digitally remastered Beatles CDs that Best Buy didn’t have. I know! How strange, but I love Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and it would be a great study aid distraction for tomorrow. I also replenished my White Castle strategic reserve, which was costly, but worth it.

Walking back, smelling the scant, stale scent of urine in the air, I thought about how I can pretty much draw you a map of nearly every 7/11 between Alexandria and Ballston, much like Al Franken can draw a map of the continental United States. I know each of their slurpee flavors, and which ones tend to make the best hot food. Anyone who’s ever experienced the disappointment of biting into a cold taquito knows what I mean.

I am sure some rich baron owns a couple of these 7/11 franchises, though I can’t be sure. The owner’s name is usually on the outside, and I thought I’d notice if the same name kept popping up. In my mental google map of 7/11s, I know which ones to avoid, and which ones I enjoy patronizing, depending on what I need — be it beer, food, or other supplies. And, in this relatively free market economy, I sleep soundly at night with the hope that my lack of business at some locations will prompt them to offer better products (i.e. thoroughly cooked food) — or for them to just focus on their comparative advantages over other 7/11s.

Well, back to studying. I took an hour and a half away to play 9 holes at Greendale Golf course, and it’s been my worst performance this year. Studying’s been good though. If you’re in D.C., we’ll be celebrating my LSAT completion Saturday night. Drop me a line.

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One Thought on “7/11 & Capitalism

  1. The buffalo wing taquitos are the worst to bite when cold.

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